6810 Davis Instruments EnviroMonitor Node

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Compatible with the 6803 or 6805 EnviroMonitor Gateways and Davis Instruments and selected third party sensors

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The 6810 Davis Instruments EnviroMonitor Node allows you to add up to four Davis or selected third party sensors per Node to your EnviroMonitor system.

Build your own custom EnviroMonitor system
  • The hub of your system is a 6803 3G/4G cellular EnviroMonitor Gateway or 6805 IP EnviroMonitor Gateway bundle (sold separately)
  • Add in your choice of the following: a Davis Instruments sensor suite, one or more EnviroMonitor nodes, any Davis sensor and a (ever-increasing) number of third party sensors
  • Connect up to four sensors (in any combination) to a Node (sensors sold separately)
  • Use 20+ nodes together with one EnviroMonitor Gateway
  • Nodes will map their own mesh network to get their sensor data back to the Gateway
  • Nodes can be up to 750- 1200m line of sight apart (depending on height about crops and the ground)
  • If required, extend the range between the Gateway and the Nodes using long-range antenna
Choose sensors for following parameters
  • Soil moisture
  • Soil temperature
  • Soil salinity
  • Water level
  • Leaf wetness
  • Weight
  • Pressure sensor
  • Pressure switch
  • Flow meter
  • Solar radiation
  • PAR (PPFD)
  • Temperature and humidity
  • Temperature
  • Wind speed and direction
  • Rainfall
  • Carbon Dioxide

A full list of compatible Davis Instruments and selected third party sensors can be found here.

More information

How it works
  • Mount the robust, weather resistant Node to a pole or post
  • Install up to four Davis Instruments or selected third party sensors to your Node, using the Davis Instruments EnviroMonitor app and BlueTooth
  • Your Node then communicates wirelessly with either your IP or 3G/4G EnviroMonitor Gateway, either directly or via another Node
View your data anywhere
  • Once uploaded by the Gateway, data can be viewed on the Davis website, weatherlink.com or on your phone
  • The Davis Instruments WeatherLink app gives your weather data and node data in summarized form
  • Davis Instruments Mobilize app gives you the power to build custom views of your farm or orchard, receive alerts and track conditions related to weather, frost, irrigation and growth cycles (Mobilize is included in the Pro Tier of weatherlink.com)
  • Depending on terrain, foliage and height of your install, nodes can transmit 750 – 1200m line of sight
  • Nodes (with or without sensors) can be used as repeaters
  • If extra distance is required, an EnviroMonitor Long Range Antenna can be added to your setup
  • Mounting hardware (U-bolts, lag screws, etc)
  • An EnviroMonitor Gateway to report to. Choose between the IP and the Cellular (3G/4G) options.
Does not include:
  • Back up batteries (4x D-cell)
  • Sensors (sold separately)
  • IP or 3G/4G EnviroMonitor Gateways (sold separately)
Not compatible with:
  • 6313 WeatherLink console
  • 6100 WeatherLink Live
  • WeatherLink Desktop software