6803 Davis Instruments EnviroMonitor 3G/4G Cellular Gateway Bundles

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Compatible with the 6810 EnviroMonitor Node and any Davis sensor suite

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The solar-powered 6803 Davis Instruments 3G/4G EnviroMonitor (EM) Gateway is our cellular solution to get your weather data to you remotely. View on your computer or phone.

Choose between three bundles which include:
  1. 6803 EnviroMonitor Gateway hardware and
  2. 6645 Activation Fee and
  3. 12 month data plan – choose between 5, 15 or 60 minute updates and
  4. A 12 month subscription to the Pro Tier of weatherlink.com
Build your own custom EnviroMonitor system using any combination of:
  • Any Davis integrated sensor suite (ISS) and/or
  • 6810 EnviroMonitor node(s)
  • Any Davis sensor and a (ever-increasing) number of third party sensors
How the EnviroMonitor system works:
  • The Gateway uploads the data from any sensor suites or nodes to the Davis website, weatherlink.com, using Spark’s 3G /4G network
  • Use with any Davis Instruments sensor suite, cabled or wireless (sold separately) and/or
  • Add one to as many as 25 or even more 6810 EnviroMonitor Nodes (sold separately)if you want to add additional sensors into your EM network
  • Each Node has four ports. Ports are not hardwired so you can install any four compatible sensors using the Davis EnviroMonitor App and BlueTooth
  • Each node transmits the sensor data wirelessly back to the Gateway
  • Nodes can be up to 750- 1200m line of sight apart (depending on height about crops and the ground)
  • If required, extend the range between the Gateway and the Nodes using long-range antenna (sold separately)
Who buys this product?
  • If you have a site without internet access and power (but with Spark coverage) and you want your live data available remotely
  • If you want to include third party sensors into your data collection, an EnviroMonitor Gateway and EnviroMonitor Node are required
  • If the 300m range of the WeatherLink systems is not enough

Interested in the extra range and the third party sensors but don’t need a cellular option? Check out the 6805 EnviroMonitor IP Gateway.

Additional information


6803 bundle – 5 min updates, 6803 bundle – 15 min updates, 6803 bundle – 60 min updates

More information

  • The maximum distance between a Gateway and a Node or between two Nodes depends on many factors, including the mounting height, terrain, environment and RF noise
  • Mounted at 3m above an open field or highest crop height, Nodes can be 730m-1220m from a Gateway
  • With nodes mounted at 1.8m and a Gateway at 2.4m, 545-730m line of sight
  • Transmission distances are line of sight. Hills and large metal structures will block signals.
  • Shelter belts, dense bush will reduce the distances. Range will also be reduced if transmitting in an orchard or under a canopy.
  • A Node will use another Node as a repeater to pass the data back to the Gateway
  • Long range antenna (5dBi or 8dBi) are available to increase the transmission distance between Nodes or between a Node and the Gateway
  • Please get in touch for more information. Let us know more about your site so we help with recommendations
Choose between:
  • The 5 minute update bundle – 6892A
  • The 15 minute update bundle – 6894A
  • The 60 minute update bundle – 6896A
All three bundles include:
  • 6803 EnviroMonitor Gateway hardware
  • 6645 Activation Fee
  • A 12 month cellular data plan (choose between 5, 15 & 60 minute updates)
  • A 12 month subscription to the Pro Tier of weatherlink.com (includes the Mobilize app)
  • The 6803 Gateway  comes with a 6 volt 12Ah battery and a mounting hardware kit (U-bolt, bolts etc)
Not included:
  • 6810 EnviroMonitor Node
  • Davis sensor suite
  • 7717 Davis Mounting pole kit or 7716 Tripod
  • Sensors
  • 7676 or 7678 EM Long range antenna

These are all sold separately so you can build a system that matches your exact requirements

Not compatible with:
  • 6313 WeatherLink console
  • 6100 WeatherLink Live
  • 6510SER or 6510USB WeatherLink data loggers or WeatherLink desktop software
  • Davis 6312 Vantage Pro 2 or 6351 Vantage Vue consoles
  • 6345NZ Davis Soil Moisture/Temperature & Leaf Wetness Station
  • 6332NZ Davis Transmitter Station
  • 7627 or 7654 Davis repeaters , 7656 Omni or 7660 Yagi Antenna
Please note:
  • The EnviroMonitor cellular system is our most expensive system. It is a great solution for specific situations and sites. However, we have other Davis solutions using wireless/WiFi/Ethernet connections and the same sensor suites that may be all you need without the ongoing cost of a cellular data plan
  • This bundle includes the first 12 months of the cellular data plan. The next data plan will be billed in 12 months time
  • Please get in touch to discuss before purchasing as we really enjoy helping you design a system that will work well for you
  • Provide us with details about your site and tell us what you are trying to achieve and we will make recommendations for the cheapest system to achieve your requirements
  • Interested in a longer time period for the data plan? Please get in touch to discuss