7210 Davis Instruments AirLink Air Quality Sensor

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Standalone unit with data viewable via WeatherLink: app, website or console

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Interested in monitoring your air quality? Now you can.
What does the AirLink do?

  • Measures particulate matter (sizes PM1, PM2.5 & PM10)
  • Shows real time levels of PM and colour-coded Air Quality Index (AQI) readings
  • Display the data using one of nine Air Quality Indexes including United States EPA and Australia NEPM
  • Also provides temperature, humidity, dew point, heat index and wet bulb readings


  • Stand-alone unit – you don’t need a Davis WeatherLink Live, data logger or weather station
  • Can be used both outdoors (with outdoor cover) or indoors, either freestanding or wall mounted
  • Install by Bluetooth to the free WeatherLink app
  • AirLink connects directly to the Davis Cloud (website) using your Wi-Fi system
  • Can be viewed on the WeatherLink app or on the Davis website, www.weatherlink.com, alongside your other Davis weather data and as of November 2023, on the 6313 WeatherLink Console
  • If you only want your current air quality data, use the free WeatherLink app / Basic Tier Tier of the WeatherLink website
  • To view your historic data, upgrade to the paid Pro Tier of the Davis website (If you have already subscribed to the Pro Tier, you won’t need another)
  • Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home
  • You can add up to three AirLink sensors to show up with your data from your Davis weather station system, or have up to three AirLink sensors stacked together as one system


  • Sensor, with outdoor cover, USB cable and NZ power adaptor, mounting bracket, mounting screws and foot-pads
  • There is an optional insect screen tucked inside the unit if required (unscrew the unit to locate and swap this over)

Does not include:

  • Pro Tier subscription to the Davis website, weatherlink.com (purchase this directly from the website)