6313 Davis Instruments WeatherLink Console

$880.00 Inc. GST

The 6313 WeatherLink Console replaces the original Vantage Pro 2 and Vantage Vue consoles.


Use your WeatherLink Console to create a custom network of sensors using up to eight Davis Instruments transmitters and up to 80 sensors in any combination.


Data from your Davis Instruments sensor suite (sold separately), and/or transmitters and sensors (sold separately) is sent wirelessly to the WeatherLink Console using Davis Instruments’ spread-spectrum radio with a range of up to 300 metres line of sight. Store, view and analyse your data on the WeatherLink console. Choose between using the console as a stand alone, offline unit or connecting to the Internet using your WiFi. Once online, your data can be accessed via the WeatherLink website or on your phone.

Why buy this?
  • Use as the basis for a custom network of Davis Instruments transmitters and sensors (sold separately)
  • Use alongside a wireless Vantage Pro 2 or Vantage Vue console you already own
  • Retransmit from a wireless Vantage Pro 2 or Vantage Vue console you already own to the WeatherLink console

Check out the 6242NZ Vantage Vue bundle or the wireless Vantage Pro 2 bundles


More information


  • For indoor use
  • AC powered. Console has an internal battery
  • Kickstand and wall mount options
  • Interactive HD display and customizable dashboard
  • Measures indoor temperature, barometric pressure and humidity
  • Display your data from your sensor suite and create custom graphs on your console to analyse your weather data
  • Set audible alarms for multiple conditions simultaneously
  • No Wi-Fi required if you are keeping your data offline
  • Has built-in ability to connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi to view your data online or on your phone
  • Subscribe to the Pro Tier of weatherlink.com to access your historic data or utilize chart and graphing features
  • Works with any wireless Davis Instruments sensor suite (Vantage Vue or Vantage Pro 2), 6332NZ sensor transmitter or 6345NZ soil station
  • Can receive data from up to eight wireless Davis Instruments sensor suites or sensor transmitters
  • Uses WiFi 2.4 GHz network
Included in the box:
  • WeatherLink console
  • NZ power adaptor
  • USB cable (1.7m)
  • Quick setup guide
  • Kick stand
  • Wall mount bracket and screws
Not compatible with:
  • Any cabled Davis Instruments sensor suite
  • WeatherLink Desktop software
  • WeatherLink data loggers
  • WeatherLink local API

The WeatherLink Console currently only allows the use of audible alarms on the console. If you need to use the weatherlink.com email/text alert facility, the 6100 WeatherLink Live allows this function.