Frost Alert Flasher

$138.00 Inc. GST

Stand-alone sensor and visual warning system.


The Frost Alert Flasher is a low power, low cost, stand-alone visual indicator of falling temperature.

How it works
  • Flashing light alert that is visible from the ground or air (for helicopters) gives indication of the degree and location of frost temperatures
  • Once the temperature drops below 2 degrees Celsius, the light starts flashing and flashes faster as the temperature drops
  • The unit stops flashing once the temperature climbs above 2 degrees again
  • Stand alone system
  • Sensor cable 0.95m approx
  • Uses 2 x AA alkaline batteries (not included)
  • Designed and manufactured in New Zealand from imported parts

More information

Care of the unit
  • Sensor should not be shielded by the canopy or touching anything
  • Do not use NiCad batteries
  • The LED indicates normal operation only and should not be used as an indication of battery voltage. Batteries should be checked regularly throughout the season. Voltage required is 1.5V. Use a voltmeter to check
  • After battery replacement, ensure the seal is not damaged and sits flat before closing. Apply silicon grease or Vaseline to the seal for further protection
  • Silicone grease applied to the unit will prevent moisture freezing on it