Davis Instruments WeatherLink Live Frost Bundle

$3,230.00 Inc. GST

A bundle for Davis Instruments products for temperature-sensitive crops


Want a Davis Instruments system to monitor temperatures and send you alerts?

Consists of:
  1. 6100 Davis Instruments WeatherLink Live
  2. 6322NZ Davis Instruments Vantage Pro 2 Sensor Suite
  3. 6332NZ Davis Instruments Sensor Transmitter
  4. 6830 Davis Instruments Temperature/Humidity Sensor with radiation shield
  • Your Vantage Pro 2 sensor suite gives you wind direction and speed, temperature, humidity and rainfall. It reports wirelessly up to 300m line of sight back to the WeatherLink Live
  • Plug the 6830 temperature/humidity sensor into the 6332 transmitter and set it up in a frost prone area. It also reports wirelessly up to 300m line of sight back to the WeatherLink Live
  • The 6100 WeatherLink Live receives the weather data wirelessly. Plug it in to your router or use your WI Fi to get the data to the Davis website, weatherlink.com. From there, you can view data on your phone on the  Davis WeatherLink app.
  • Set alerts for frosts, high winds and a number of other weather variables and receive them via email.
  • Swap out the 6332NZ VP2 sensor suite for the 6820NZ GroWeather sensor suite to get all the same measurements plus solar radiation. This allows the system to calculate evapotranspiration (ET) rates
  • Add a 6345NZ soil station to collect soil temperature and moisture and/or leaf moisture data
  • Is distance an issue? Shelter belts, distance and contour all reduce wireless transmission range. Add a 7627 standard repeater or a 7654 long range repeater and omni or Yagi antenna to extend the range
  • Upgrade from the free, Basic Tier of weatherlink.com to the paid Pro Tier of the website to gain access to the Davis Mobilize app. The Mobilize app allows you to track frost risk, growing degree days and chill requirements
Want to discuss a bespoke setup for your site and your needs? Please get in touch to discuss.