Weather Stations For Farmers & Growers

Image of Vantage Pro2 weather station installed on hill country farm

Reliable & Robust

  • Proven to last in whatever weather New Zealand throws at you.
  • New Zealand based technical and parts support.
  • UV stabilised plastic to provide years of service

Wide range of measurements

  • All stations measure air temperature, humidity wind speed, wind direction and rainfall
  • Add extra measurements for soil moisture, leaf wetness and a wide range of others
  • Track temperature to know when to sow seed, spread fertiliser or harvest
  • Monitor soil moisture and rainfall to save valuable irrigation costs
  • Get alarms for frost or wind
Picture of Vantage Pro2 weather station with display console
Map of New Zealand with circles indicating where there are live weather stations

Connect wherever you are

  • Get data on your phone, computer or local display
  • Choose between Wi-fi and cellular options
  • Low or NO data fees
  • Share access with managers, contractors and staff

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