6332NZ Davis Instruments Sensor Transmitter

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Compatible with the 6100 WeatherLink Live or 6313 WeatherLink Console

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Add extra sensors to your wireless Davis setup!

The Davis Instruments Sensor Transmitter can support up to five Davis Instruments sensors, including one of each of the following: an anemometer, a rain collector, temperature probe or temperature and humidity sensor, UV sensor and solar radiation sensor.

The sensors are cabled in to the transmitter, which then reports wirelessly up to 300m line of sight back to a Davis Instruments wireless receiver, such as the 6100 WeatherLink Live or the 6313 WeatherLink Console. Once received, the data is uploaded to the Davis website, weatherlink.com and the Davis WeatherLink app via the console (using WiFi) or WeatherLink Live (using WiFi or Ethernet cable). Once on the website, the data can be emailed as an excel spreadsheet. The data can also be viewed on the 6313 WeatherLink Console with or without an Internet connection.

Repeaters can be added to the setup to extend the distance between transmitter(s) and receiver.

Why buy this?
  • To add a second temperature sensor under the foliage canopy in a frost-prone corner of an orchard so an accurate temperature alarm can be set
  • To separate the wind sensor from your Vantage Pro 2 sensor suite so it can be mounted further away than the 12m cable allows
  • This transmitter or the 6345NZ Soil and Leaf Station allow you to add a large number of extra measurements to your wireless Davis Instruments WeatherLink system. Get in touch with us to discuss your goals and how best to achieve them


More information

  • Solar powered, with a super capacitor and backup CR123 battery
  • As the jacks are hard wired, only one of each sensor can be supported
  • Not compatible with third party sensors
  • The battery life is up to 9 months without sunlight
  • Sensors, repeaters, antennas and receivers are all sold separately to allow you to build a custom network specific to your needs
  • Compliant with New Zealand’s Radio Communications Act and Regulations
In the box:
  • 6332NZ Sensor Transmitter with solar panel door
  • Mounting hardware (U-bolts, screws, cable ties, etc for mounting to a pole or a post/vertical surface)
  • CR123 backup battery
Compatible with:
  • 6100 WeatherLink Live
  • 6313 WeatherLink Console
  • 7627 Standard Wireless Repeater or
  • 7654 Long Range Repeater with 7656 Omni directional and/or 7660 Yagi antenna
  • The original Vantage Pro 2 console (discontinued)
  • 6316NZ Wireless Envoy
  • Any of the Davis Instruments sensors that you would normally find on a Vantage Pro 2 sensor suite
Not compatible with:
  • 6803 or 6805 Davis Instruments EnviroMonitor Gateways
  • Cabled Davis Instruments receivers
  • 6440 soil moisture, 6470 soil temperature or 6420 leaf wetness sensors. These require the 6345NZ Soil and Leaf Station