7716 Davis Instruments Mounting Tripod

$370.00 Inc. GST

Mounting option for any outdoor Davis Instruments product

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The 7716 Davis Instruments Mounting Tripod is a versatile solution for easy outdoor installation of your Davis Instruments products.

  • Suitable for use with any of the Davis Instruments products that you need to mount to a pole (all sensor suites, EnviroMonitor Gateways and nodes, or any of the solar power kits or shelters)
  • The kit includes the tripod, with two steel poles
  • Lag bolts are NOT included, however, the base plates are designed so they can be used
  • The tripod has tilting brackets allowing use on a roof or uneven surface
  • The poles measure 0.92m in length and assemble together to make a single 1.77m pole
  • Outside diameter of the pole is 33mm
  • The tripod and poles are galvanized to meet ASTM 123/A 123M-02
  • All outdoor Davis Instruments products come with their own mounting kit of U-bolts etc, so if you already have a pole or similar at home, you won’t need this
  • For another installation option, check out the 7717 Davis Instruments Mounting Pole kit