7345.395 Davis Instruments Vantage Vue Wind Direction Bearing Cartridge (for Model M)

$65.00 Inc. GST

Replacement part for the Vantage Vue


Replacement part for the Model M variant of the Vantage Vue sensor suite.

Easy to install at home.

  1. You would only replace this part if the bearings are stiff or noisy and the wind vane is not turning freely, OR if there is physical damage to the part, such as a bent spindle
  2. You will need to remove the wind vane to replace this cartridge, using the Davis Instruments Allen Key that came with your sensor suite
  3. All electronic functions and measurement is controlled by the PCBA, so if you are not getting wind direction readings, you will need to replace the Vantage Vue PCBA
  4. To find out which model your Vantage Vue is, have a look at the Manufacturing code on the base of the ISS. It will start with a letter – A-G, P or M. A-G are the older models that are not compatible with this bearing cartridge, which is for the P and M variants
  5. The wind direction bearing cartridge for the older variants (A-G) is not longer produced and we do not have any in stock