7345.920 Davis Instruments Vantage VueTransmitter and Sensor PCBA (for Model M)

$547.00 Inc. GST

Replacement part for the Vantage Vue (Model M)


The 6357 Vantage Vue sensor suite collects rain, wind, temperature and humidity data and transmits that data wirelessly to your Davis receiver. Sensors and the battery enclosure are attached to the PCBA and all electronic functions of the Vue sensor suite are carried out in the 7345.920 PCBA. These functions include measurement of temperature and humidity, wireless data transmission and power circuitry.

The PCBA has a high level of protective casing to protect it from extreme weather conditions. As a result, it is not repairable and must be replaced. This PCBA is suitable for models M and P.

  1. Unfortunately, Davis Instruments no longer produce the PCBA for the earlier models of the Vantage Vue (models A-G) and they have not been available for many years. The PCBA for the model M Vantage Vue has extra moulding and protection and so does not physically fit in the older models.
  2. To find out which model your Vantage Vue is, have a look at the Manufacturing code on the base of the ISS or the back of the Vantage Vue console. It will start with a letter – A-G, P or M. A-G are the older models that are not compatible with this PCBA. (Use the magnifying glass and view the photos to see more about locating the manufacturing code)
  3. It is your choice if you want to install this yourself or send it in us to install at no extra cost. Davis have an excellent video on their YouTube channel on how to do this. Search “Davis Instruments Vantage Vue Harness Replacement” to view.
  4. The PCBA is a NZ version metric PCBA. If you have a Vantage Vue console, you will need to check that your console is also a NZ version. Press and hold the DONE and + buttons on your console to bring up a stream of info in the bottom right hand corner (eg: v 3.1 (NZ) ENGLISH). If your console does not say NZ, you will need to send it in so we can re-programme it. There is no extra cost for this service.
  5. Any questions? Please get in touch to discuss with us before you buy. We are always happy to help.