6357 Davis Instruments Vantage Vue Integrated Sensor Suite

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Replacement part for Vantage Vue

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The stylish, moulded, all-in-one 6357NZ  Vantage Vue sensor suite gathers your outside weather data and transmits it wirelessly to any Davis wireless receiver (sold separately).  Collects all the same data as the 6322 Vantage Pro 2 sensor suite.

6357NZ Vantage Vue Integrated sensor suite (ISS):
  • Measures wind direction, wind speed, temperature, humidity, and rainfall
  • Transmits the data wirelessly (up to 300m line of sight)
  • Solar powered during the day, with an onboard super capacitor for power at night and a lithium battery for backup on cloudy days and long winter nights
  • Has a built in bubble level for more accurate installation and better data collection
  • Robust design with UV-resistant cover and potted/moulded electronics for extra moisture shielding
  • Self-emptying rain collector, with a 0.2mm resolution tipping spoon
  • The anemometer records wind speeds as low as 3 km/h and has been wind tunnel-tested to 320km/h
  • The temperature/humidity sensor is protected by a radiation shield to protect from solar radiation and other reflected heat sources
  • Compliant with New Zealand’s Radio Communications Act and Regulations
  • 6357NZ Vantage Vue sensor suite
  • ISS mounting kit (screws and a U-bolt)
  • Sensor suite backup CR123A lithium battery
Compatible with:
  • Any Davis Instruments wireless receiver (such as the 6313 WeatherLink console, the 6316NZ Envoy or the now discontinued 6351 Vantage Vue console or 6312NZ Vantage Pro 2 console)
  • Both the Davis Instruments EnviroMonitor 6803 4G cellular Gateway and the 6805 IP Gateway
Please note:
  • This is a replacement part for a sensor suite/console bundle or for adding into an existing WeatherLink system
  • This sensor suite does not save, transmit or display data so you do need a Davis Instruments receiver. Check out our 6242NZ Vantage Vue and 6252NZ VP2 bundles
  • If you are buying as a replacement, please get in touch with us before purchasing as we may be able to keep your old one going
  • If your sensor suite was bought from overseas or a long time ago, please get in touch to discuss as we may need to reprogramme your console to a NZ version
  • Not compatible with the 6312C cabled VP2 console or 6316C cabled Envoy