6670 Davis Instruments Sensor Mounting Bracket

$120.00 Inc. GST

Mounting option for a UV or solar sensor


Want to mount your solar or UV sensor separately from your sensor suite? Or use a UV or solar sensor with a 6332NZ Sensor Transmitter? The 6670 Sensor Mounting Bracket is custom made for the job.

Comes with mounting hardware to mount your bracket to a pole or post:

  • Two 1½” U-bolts,
  • Three each: spacers, #6 split washers, 6 X 32 x 3/8” machine screws and
  • Four each: ¼-20 nuts, ¼” split lock washers, ¼” flat washers

Note: The mounting hardware to affix the sensor to the mounting shelf  comes in the box with the sensor, which is sold separately