6462 Davis Instruments AeroCone Replacement Rain Cone Kit

$110.00 Inc. GST

Replacement part for Vantage Pro 2 and stand-alone Davis rain gauges


The 6462 Davis Instruments AeroCone rain cone kit can be retrofitted to any stand-alone Davis rain gauge or Vantage Pro 2 sensor suite to update your unit with the current model rain cone.

The 6462 kit consists of:


There are a number of factors that impact accurate rain measurement. One of these is under catchment due to the effects of wind, especially when rain is light and the wind is strong.  Davis have conducted field tests that have found measurement from rain collectors only a few feet apart can vary considerably, especially when wind is a factor. Wind diverted by a cylindrical collector tends to go up and over the top of the collector. The wind can whisk some of the rain drops over the rain cone. Eddies created in the collector also can cause outsplash.

The AeroCone’s  more aerodynamic shape allows more of the wind to go around the cone rather than over it, helping minimise the impact of wind on rain measurements.