7345.530 Davis Instruments Bird Spike, Debris Screen Kit for VP2 AeroCone rain collector

$28.00 Inc. GST

Replacement part for the VP2 ISS, 6464 & 6466 rain gauges.

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The Davis Instruments Bird Spike and Debris Screen Kit is a replacement part for the 2017 AeroCone rain collector cone.

Kit includes
  • A bayonet fitting, lock-in-place debris screen
  • Metal bird spikes, one for the top of the debris screen and the rest to mount around the top of the AeroCone
  • The Aerocone rain collector cone is used on the Vantage Pro 2 sensor suites and stand alone Davis rain gauges 6464M & 6466M
  • This kit is for the 2017 version of the Aerocone. It can also be used on the 2014 rain cone at a pinch. However, there are no bayonet slots in the 2014 rain cone, so the debris screen cannot be locked into place.
  • We do still have some debris screen kits from discontinued models – please get in touch