6490 Davis Instruments UV Sensor

$945.00 Inc. GST

Sensor for Vantage Pro 2 ISS, EnviroMonitor Node or Sensor Transmitter


Having the 6490 ultraviolet (UV) radiation sensor on your VP2 sensor suite allows your Davis system to:
  • Measure the intensity of the sunburning part of the UV spectrum (UVA and UVB)
  • Calculate and display the UV Index, dose rate, daily and accumulated UV dose
Why buy this?
  • As a replacement part for any Vantage Pro 2 (VP2)  GroWeather or VP2 Plus sensor suite, cabled or wireless
  • To upgrade your VP2 sensor suite to a VP2 Plus
  • To plug into a 6332NZ Sensor Transmitter as part of a WeatherLink system
  • To plug into a 6810 Node as part of an EnviroMonitor system
  1. This sensor cannot save or transmit your data. A Davis transmitter and receiver are required and are sold separately
  2. If upgrading or adding this sensor to your system, you will need a sensor mounting shelf. Choose between the 6673 mounting shelf for adding the solar sensor (and/or 6450 Solar Radiation sensor) to your Vantage Pro 2 sensor suite and the 6670 Universal Mounting Bracket for use elsewhere


More information

Technical details:
  • A precision radiometer that detects ultraviolet (UV) radiation at wavelengths of 290-390 nanometers
  • Output shows UV radiation dose in MEDS
  • The spectral response is closely matched to the Erythema Action Spectrum (defined by McKinlay & Diffey 1987) and internationally recognised as the radiation that is most responsible for causing redness of the human skin
  • The shield provides a cutoff ring with a comb structure for cosine response
  • The UV sensor body houses a diffuser, transducer and amplifier
  • Two-piece housing minimises radiation heating by allowing convection cooling and prevents the trapping of water or dust
  • Built in bubble-level
  • Comes with the screws needed to mount the sensor to a mounting shelf (sold separately)
  • 0.6m cable with RJ-11 connector to plug straight into your Davis transmitter (sold separately)