7911 Davis Instruments Anemometer

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Wind sensor used in the Weather Monitor II and Weather Wizard III

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The 7911 Davis Instruments Anemometer measures wind speed and direction. Robust and accurate. Wind tunnel tested and designed to withstand extreme temperatures.

Uses for the 7911 Davis Instruments Anemometer
  • As a replacement part for your legacy Davis Instruments weather stations: Weather Monitor II or Weather Wizard III
  • As a reliable, accurate wind sensor for integration into your own custom system


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More information

Measures wind speed and direction

Wind speed
  • Wind speed sensor: solid state magnetic sensor
  • The wind speed range is 3-322 km/h, 1-173 knots, 1-89 m/s
  • Wind speed accuracy is =/- 3 km/h, 2 knots, 1 m/s or +/- 5%, whichever is greater
Wind direction
  • Wind direction sensor type: wind vane and potentiometer
  • Range is 0° to 360°, or 16 compass points
  • The accuracy for wind direction is +/- 3°
Wind run
  • Range is 0 to 1999.9 km
  • Accuracy is +/- 5%
  • Resolution is 0.1 km
Extra information
  • Designed to operate in temperatures -40 to +65 degrees Celsius
  • Wind vane and control head are made of UV-resistant ABS plastic
  • Wind cups are made of black-anodized aluminum
  • Wind cups are polycarbonate
  • Sealed stainless steel bearings for long life
  • Pulse output
  • Modular RJ-11 connector
  • Replacement wind speed bearing cartridge, wind vane and wind cups are available to extend the life of your anemometer
Included in the box
Not compatible with:
  • The 6810 Davis Instruments EnviroMonitor Node