6450 Davis Instruments Solar Radiation Sensor

$545.00 Inc. GST

Sensor for Vantage Pro 2 ISS, EnviroMonitor Node or Sensor Transmitter



Having the 6450 solar sensor on your VP2 sensor suite allows your Davis system to calculate:
  • THSW Index:  the Temperature Humidity Solar Wind Index is useful when thinking about the impact of weather conditions (such as dehydration, wind chill and overheating) on you, your staff or stock
  • Potential EvapoTranspiration (ET) Rate: an estimate of the amount of water returned to the air in a given area over a vegetated area. It includes both evaporation and transpiration (by plants). This ET rate is useful to people who are monitoring plant growth and associated water usage (such as irrigation)
Why buy this?
  • As a replacement part for any Vantage Pro 2 (VP2)  GroWeather or VP2 Plus sensor suite, cabled or wireless
  • To upgrade your VP2 sensor suite to a VP2 GroWeather or VP2 Plus
  • To plug into a 6332NZ Sensor Transmitter as part of a WeatherLink system
  • To plug into a 6810 Node as part of an EnviroMonitor system
  1. This sensor cannot save or transmit your data. A Davis transmitter and receiver are required and are sold separately
  2. If the THSW Index and potential ET Rates are required, the solar sensor can’t be mounted separately. It has to be mounted on the VP2 sensor suite as other data (eg: temperature, humidity) is required to calculate these
  3. If upgrading or adding this sensor to your system, you will need a sensor mounting shelf. Choose between the 6673 mounting shelf for adding the solar sensor (and/or 6490 UV sensor) to your Vantage Pro 2 sensor suite and the 6670 Universal Mounting Bracket for use elsewhere

More information

Technical details:
  • A precision pyranometer that detects radiation at wavelengths of 400-1100 nanometers
  • Measures the intensity of solar irradiance, enabling display of incident power (Watts per square metre) and cumulative energy (Langleys)
  • Silicon photodiode transducer with a wide spectral response
  • Two-piece housing minimises radiation heating by allowing convection cooling and prevents the trapping of water or dust
  • Built in bubble-level
  • Comes with the screws needed to mount the sensor to a mounting shelf (sold separately)
  • 0.6m cable with RJ-11 connector to plug straight into your Davis transmitter (sold separately)