7905L Davis Instruments Wind Cups for VP2

$46.00 Inc. GST

Replacement part for the Monitor II and Wizard III, or any 6410 or 7911 anemometer or VP2 wind sensor manufactured after 2003

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Replacement part for:
  • Any Vantage Pro 2 wind sensor manufactured after 2003
  • Any 6410 or 7911 anemometer manufactured after 2003
  • The Monitor II and Wizard III
  • You would only replace the wind cups if they are broken (usually if the sensor suite is knocked over) or missing
  • If the wind cups are not turning freely, the part that needs replacing is the wind speed bearing cartridge
  • Comes with the Davis Instruments Allen Key
  • The Vantage Pro 2 wind sensors manufactured before early 2003 had a round shaft. Please get in touch with us if you do have an earlier version to discuss your options