6242NZ Davis Instruments Vantage Vue bundle (with WeatherLink console)

$1,545.00 Inc. GST

The Davis Instruments 6242NZ Vantage Vue weather station: sleek, robust and easy to set up. View data on the new WeatherLink console, Internet or your phone.

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The stylish, moulded, all-in-one Vantage Vue sensor suite gathers your outside weather data and transmits it wirelessly (up to 300m line of sight) to the WeatherLink console where you can access and analyse your own weather data. The choice is yours: keep your data offline or upload to the Internet and your phone.  Perfect for home use or the keen weather enthusiast.

  • Tried and tested, the Vantage Vue has been in production since 2009
  • Get all the same weather data as the 6252NZ Vantage Pro 2 at an affordable price
  • Easy to set up straight out of the box
How to use:
  • As a stand alone, offline, weather station
  • As an Internet-connected weather station uploading your data to the WeatherLink cloud, viewable on the Internet or your phone
  • As the first part of a personalized WeatherLink network of sensors and sensor transmitters for your home and garden

More information

6313 WeatherLink console:
  • For indoor use
  • AC powered. Console has an internal battery
  • Kickstand and wall mount options
  • Interactive HD display and customizable dashboard
  • Measures indoor temperature, barometric pressure and humidity
  • Display your data from your sensor suite and create custom graphs on your console to analyse your weather data
  • Set alarms for multiple conditions simultaneously
  • No Wi-Fi required if you are keeping your data offline
  • Has built-in ability to connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi to view your data online or on your phone
  • Subscribe to the Pro Tier of weatherlink.com to access your historic data or utilize chart and graphing features
  • Works with any wireless Davis Instruments sensor suite
  • Can receive data from up to eight wireless Davis Instruments sensor suites or sensor transmitters
  • Uses WiFi 2.4 GHz network
  • Compatible with the Davis Instruments WeatherLink Web API


6357NZ Vantage Vue Integrated sensor suite (ISS):
  • Measures wind direction, wind speed, temperature, humidity, and rainfall
  • Transmits the data wirelessly (up to 300m line of sight) to the display console
  • Solar powered during the day, with an onboard super capacitor for power at night and a lithium battery for backup on cloudy days and long winter nights
  • Has a built in bubble level for more accurate installation and better data collection
  • Robust design with UV-resistant cover and potted/moulded electronics for extra moisture shielding
  • Self-emptying rain collector, with a 0.2mm resolution tipping spoon
  • The anemometer records wind speeds as low as 3 km/h and has been wind tunnel-tested to 320km/h
  • The temperature/humidity sensor is protected by a radiation shield to protect from solar radiation and other reflected heat sources
  • Compliant with New Zealand’s Radio Communications Act and Regulations
Not included:
  • Mounting pole
  • Additional sensors and sensor transmitters –  sold separately
6313 Console not compatible with:
  • Davis Instruments WeatherLink Desktop software
  • Davis Instruments WeatherLink data loggers
  • Ethernet cable connection
  • The Davis Instruments WeatherLink Local Data API