6250NZ and 6120NZ Vantage Vue Bundles

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With the arrival of the WeatherLink console, these bundles have been discontinued. While stocks last!

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Discontinued – while stocks last! Replaced in early 2023 by the 6242 Davis Instruments Vantage Vue.

Choose between:

6250NZ – Davis Instruments Vantage Vue bundle consisting of the Vantage Vue Integrated Sensor Suite (ISS) & Vantage Vue console

6120NZ – Davis Instruments Vantage Vue bundle consisting of the Vantage Vue ISS, Vantage Vue console & WeatherLink Live


The Vantage Vue sensor suite collects wind, rain, temperature and humidity readings and transmits that data wirelessly up to 300m line of sight to the Vantage Vue console and/or WeatherLink Live. View your data offline on the console in the comfort of your home. The WeatherLink Live then uses an Ethernet cable or your WiFi to upload your weather data to the Davis website, so you can view the data online or on your phone.  Compliant with New Zealand’s Radio Communications Act and Regulations.

Why buy this ?
  • For the retro charm of the Vantage Vue console (6250 or 6120)
  • You prefer a fully offline product at a reasonable price (6250)
  • You want a version of the Vantage Vue that is compatible with the WeatherLink data logger and desktop software (6250 or 6120)

Additional information


6250NZ Vantage Vue Bundle (ISS and console), 6120NZ Vantage Vue Bundle (ISS, console and WeatherLink Live

More information

6250NZ – Davis Instruments Vantage Vue bundle consisting of 6357NZ Vantage Vue Integrated Sensor Suite (ISS) & 6351 Vantage Vue console
6120NZ – Davis Instruments Vantage Vue bundle consisting of 6357NZ Vantage Vue ISS, 6351 Vantage Vue console & 6100 WeatherLink Live
1. 6357NZ Davis Instruments Vantage Vue Integrated Sensor Suite (ISS)
  • Still in production and supported
  • Measures wind direction, wind speed, temperature, humidity, and rainfall
  • Transmits the data wirelessly (up to 300m line of sight) to the display console
  • Solar powered during the day, with an onboard super capacitor for power at night and a lithium battery for backup on cloudy days and long winter nights
  • Has a built in bubble level for more accurate installation and better data collection
  • Robust design with UV-resistant cover and potted/moulded electronics for extra moisture shielding
  • The rain collector is self-emptying, with a 0.2mm resolution tipping spoon
  • The anemometer records wind speeds as low as 3 km/h and has been wind tunnel-tested to 320km/h
  • The temperature/humidity sensor is protected by a radiation shield to protect from solar radiation and other reflected heat sources
2.  6351NZ Vantage Vue Display Console
  • Discontinued and replaced by the 6313 WeatherLink console
  • For indoor use
  • AC powered with optional battery backup. (Although the console can be powered solely by battery)
  • Kickstand and wall mount options
  • Backlit LCD display screen and glow-in-the-dark keypad buttons
  • Measures indoor temperature and humidity
  • Displays time, date, moon phase, forecasts, dew point, wind chill & heat index, & barometric pressure as well as displaying the weather data from your sensor suite
  • Barometric pressure trend arrows show if pressure is rising, falling or steady
  • Uses a wind rose display, updates wind speeds every 2.5 seconds. Provides average and high wind speeds for two and ten minute intervals
  • Displays your data from your sensor suite
  • Re-transmit your data using the main console to optional additional consoles (sold separately) up to 300m line of sight
  • Toggle between units of measurement
  • View current data or graphs of highs and lows (and/or totals or averages) for up to 25 days, months or years
  • Set alarms for multiple conditions simultaneously
3. 6100 WeatherLink Live
  • Still in production and supported
  • The WeatherLink Live has a built in barometer and temperature/humidity sensor
  • AC power is required with battery backup recommended (4 x AA)
  • Can be used alongside a Davis Instrument wireless console, but a console and/or data logger is not required
  • Download the Davis Instruments WeatherLink app for free at Android or iOS play stores
  • Set up your WeatherLink Live using the app using your phone’s Bluetooth function
  • Join and use the basic tier of weatherlink.com for free to get access to your current/ most recent data
  • Subscribe to the Pro Tier of weatherlink.com to access your historic data or utilize chart and graphing features
  • While in the same local network, the update rate of your current data is every 2.5 seconds
  • Outside your local network, current conditions are uploaded to the website and app every minute
  • Choose between archive storage rates for your historic data of 15, 30, 60 and 120 minutes or upgrade your subscription for 1 and 5 minute archive rates.
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Extend the range between your Live and transmitter using Davis repeaters
  • WeatherLink Live is not compatible with the WeatherLink desktop software
  • Search “Davis Instruments WeatherLink Live: From Box to Setup” on YouTube
  • As the sensor suite will be facing north to power the solar panels rather than south as in the Northern Hemisphere, a 180 degree wind offset needs to be done for the WeatherLink Live. This will be completed by the customer during the setup process, using the WeatherLink app