6830 Davis Instruments Temperature/Humidity Sensor with radiation shield

$390.00 Inc. GST

Sensor for use with 6810 EnviroMonitor Node or 6332NZ Sensor Transmitter


Plug the 6830 temperature  and humidity Sensor with passive radiation shield into a 6810 EnviroMonitor Node or 6332NZ Sensor Transmitter to get the data to your Davis receiver.

  • Davis temperature/humidity sensor housed in UV-resistant PVC plastic passive radiation shield
  • 7.6m cable with RJ connector
  • Cable ties, U bolts and lag screws for mounting to a post or pole
  • The sensor does not store or transmit data and requires a transmitter and receiver. These are sold separately
  • When siting your sensor, choose a location that best represents the environment you want to monitor
  • Mounting the sensor near any source of heat or cold or above or near sprinklers may distort the temperature or humidity readings
  • If monitoring in-canopy, place the sensor so it is totally surrounded by vegetation and out of direct sunlight
  • For frost monitoring, place the sensor in a grassy open space that gets the coldest temperatures close to the area at risk of frost damage